Green Devil's absinthe bar

About us

The history of our business begins in 2000 on Národní Avenue in Prague, where we opened our first absinthe shop/bar, making us the oldest absinthe bar in Prague.

Seven years later, we relocated to a more prestigious address: directly opposite the Schwarzenberg Palace at the end of Neruda Street, near Prague Castle, where we were finally able to develop our services fully.

A breakthrough moment in our business came in 2007 with the arrival of a new team member, the virtuoso designer Miroslav Churánek, who came up with the concept that we still follow to this day. Sadly, he isn’t with us any more. Mirek died at the age of 43, but we remain enormously grateful to him for our development and our unique concept.

In early 2017, we were unfortunately forced to leave Neruda Street and relocated to the Týn Court by the Old Town Square, to premises that are more spacious and provide more comfort for our customers.

Our business is now located on the ground floor and in the cellars of a building from the 14th century, which are uniquely decorated.

We offer more than 100 absinthes from all over the world that we will happily prepare right in front of you using one of three special methods.

We’re looking forward to your visit.